It was the late 70's.
Sex .. Drugs .. and Rock and Roll ruled the earth.
The Time... 3:17 AM
The Place... the legendary coffee shop ... Sambo's
I was fried .. pie eyed .. and satisfied.
Waiting for my 7th or 9th cup of coffee,
I began to doodle on a napkin.
I was a master of Napkin Art.
My medium of choice.
That particular night,
in a mad and inspired doodle,
I drew my first worm.
But this was no ordinary worm!
This worm was wearing a cape!
With a big "SW" on his chest!
I thought it was cool!
Super Worm!
A worm super hero!
Just in the nick of slime!
I'm all high on Super Worm
and my friend reminds me that worms were blind.
A Blind Super Hero Worm?
I hastily drew a pair of dark sunglasses.
and the rest
as they say
is history.

Copyright © 2005 Howard Stone™. All rights reserved.